Natan Linder

Natan is a PhD student in the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab. His work fuses design and engineering to create novel human experiences. Natan's background is in Computer Science, Product Design and Entrepreneurship. As a ten-year industry veteran, he worked for Sun Microsystems, and was the co-founder of Samsung Electronics Israel R&D Center and served as its Mobile R&D General Manager. He was also an Entrepreneur in Residence at Jerusalem Venture Partners, a leading VC in Israel. Just before joining the Fluid Interfaces group, he was the Lead UI Designer at Heartland Robotics. Natan holds a BA in Computer Science from the IDC in Herzeliya, and his research interests span mobile technologies, rapid prototyping, robotics, augmented reality and industrial design. Fluid Interfaces, Portfolio, Linkedin

Ytai Ben-Tsvi

I've been a Computer Engineer for 12 years, presently working as a software engineer in Google. My journey into hacking started when I tried to convert my lathe / mill into a CNC machine. Since then, from one unfinished project to the next I have taught myself homebrew-PCB-etching, soldering, power electronics, automatic control, microcontrollers, and more. Taught a course in Bezalel academy of design and arts (Jerusalem) called "Technology as Raw Material", in which design students from different disciplines learned to build electronic circuits and control them with an Arduino. In 2010, I started developing the IOIO board, which enables connecting external hardware to an Android device. At the time of its public launch (April 2011), it was the world's first to do so. The product has sold several thousand units to date (via SparkFun Electronics) and has an avid user community. My blog

Adam Setapen

Adam is a Masters student in the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab. His research focuses on improving people's relationships with robots through a better understanding of how humans interact. With a background in computer science and a strong interest in cognitive science and psychology, Adam's work harnesses machine learning to build models of human behavior. Since coming to MIT Adam has built DragonBot - a platform for cloud-based robotics that harnesses current mobile technology (including the IOIO!). His research interests span artificial intelligence, social psychology, robot design, and rapid prototyping. Before coming to MIT, Adam earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin. Adam has worked at TRACLabs, Inc.,, The University of Virginia, and Applied Research Laboratories, in addition to running a small web-design firm.

This workshop was made possible due to the generous contribution of the following MIT Media Lab groups:

and the wonderful STUDCOM!

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