Example Projects

Checking In | by Sweet Tech Studio

Retroid Showcase

Android Controlled LED Strip

Android Vintage Radio

Android controlled RC Car Wandering Autonomously

Bluetooth Smart Phone Alcohol Detector Accessory

Android Rescue Robot

Android IOIO Wii Nunchuck - moving ball

HTC Desire controlled by external Joystick and IOIO Board

Android powered robot tank

The Android Car

LED Matrix with IOIO

Android Video on RGB Matrix

Wall Printer - a closer look

Android IOIO Wii Motion Plus - Gyroscopes

Android Remote IR TV control with IOIO Board

IOIO Board + Unhacked Android phone + Android + Servos

IOIO-SHR Object Follower

Android Phone & IOIO Controlling Movit Robotic Arm

IOIO-SHR Obstacle Avoiding

IOIO-SHR Line follower

Mouse is alive

Ball Dosing Machine through Android Application

Android Vintage Phone

bt ioio mobot with image test

Self navigating robot powered by an IOIO

Android Soccer Robot

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