Hackathon Logistics

Here are some logistics involved with the IOIO hackathon.
This page will tell you what you'll get, what you need to bring and how you should prepare. Please go over the entire list and complete the preparations in advance. Failing to do so may cause lots of delays during the actual day of the workshop and leave less time for the real fun.

What to Bring

  • Android device (better check compatibility on this thread.
  • USB cable (the one you use to connect the Android device above to the PC).
  • Charger for the Android.
  • Laptop (see below what to install).
  • Anything you want to use for your project or otherwise hack for fun. Remember electronic components, tools, hardware, actuators, sensors, structural components, etc.

Kit Contents

  • IOIO
  • Power supply
  • Small solderless breadboard
  • Machine female headers (80 pins total)
  • JST connector (from SparkFun - fits the IOIO footprint)
  • JST wire
  • Jumper wires
  • Small R/C servo
  • 10Kohm potentiometer (knob-style)
  • Bluetooth Dongle

Hardware Preparations

  • Solder headers and JST connector to IOIO
  • Solder JST wire to power supply
  • Upgrade IOIO firmware

Getting Ready For Android Development

Perform the steps below on the same laptop and Android device that you'll bring to the hackathon.

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