The new personal computer is the smart-phone. Android’s openness makes it the development platform of choice. But there is a missing link here - we can’t connect our low-level hardware (sensors, motors, etc) to our handheld computers. The IOIO (“yo-yo”), crafted by hacker extraordinaire Ytai Ben-Tsvi, fills that gap. The IOIO enables direct communication between your android applications and your devices, using a simple Java interface requiring no embedded programming. The IOIO supports wired or wireless communication with any device running Android 1.5+. The Media Lab is hosting a weekend-long hack-a-thon, and we want YOU to submit a proposal for a relevant project (group teams are welcome). 10 teams will be selected to receive a free IOIO board, but if you have your own board (or just want to learn from Ytai), please come and join the fun.

Saturday will be an introduction to the framework, followed by an all-day hacking session on Sunday. Bring your Android device, bring your hardware, and bring a great idea.

The Workshop will take place on the weekend of Feb 11-12, 2012, at the High Low Tech Group Space, E14-548. Sign up for the workshop here. If you have decided to join us, please make sure you read the Hackathon Logistics page and prepare your PC and android device.

For more information on the IOIO, check out SparkFun or the Official IOIO Wiki.

Workshop poster (pdf)

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